Outdoor Off-road track may be open for practice, depending on weather. Indoor track will be closed on Friday Oct. 11th. $5.00 practice fee applicable for all tracks

Please call the store for current track conditions. Be sure to check in at the store before using the track.

2016 Trains and Lanes Offroad Racing Schedule

For all of the lastest racing info, please refer to this post
---- 2016 Trains and Lanes Outdoor Offroad Racing - Easton, PA

Saturday Race Dates Listed in RED
CA$H Races Listed in GREEN

April 2nd (Sat): 2016 SEASON OPENER
April 16th (Sat)"The Game Changer" CASH RACE 

May 7th (Sat): Club Race
May 15th (Sun): Club Race
May 21st (Sat): Ser#1 

June 4th (Sat): Ser#2
June 18th (Sat)"Father's Day" CASH RACE
June 26th (Sun): Club Race

July 2nd (Sat): "Stars and Stripes" CASH RACE
July 3rd (Sun): "Stars and Stripes" Bonus Club Race 
July 23rd (Sat): "Full House" CASH RACE
July 30th (Sat): Ser#3

Aug 7th (Sun): Club Race
Aug 27th (Sat): Ser#4

Sept 3rd (Sat): CASH RACE
Sept 18th (Sun): Club
Sept 24th (Sat): Ser#5

Oct 8th (Sat)"Last Blast" CASH RACE

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