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Postby cryofix » Wed Dec 11, 2013 3:14 pm

Hi All,

Here are my thoughts for a team this up and coming season!!

To become a team member you will need to commit, and by commit I mean both whole heatedly to racing and monetarily. There are 6 races this year for ROAR, some are very far, and some are not bad, there is a financial commitment to all of these events so I would like to start off by removing some of the burden.

Each Racer would be required to post up $240 to become a team member, this covers the entry fees for 2 classes for each race, this way every race during the year is paid for, this can help reduce burden financially when there is a race that is not local, so that $40 you would have spent on the entry fee can now be used for gas or food, or just an unpaid race.

I dont want to pay $240 to go race, I dont plan on being at every race, I dont think this is a good idea, I dont like the smell of gym shoes, there is no I in Team.....

Any race anyone may miss, your entry fee would go into a general kitty, this kitty could be used for a lot of things but that's up to the team to decide
Some things I can think of:
Gas for long hauls
Enormous Trophies at the end of the year, not only for good driving, but team consistency
Team BBQ with all the fixins

Hearing this information above, understanding that there is a commitment involved, if you would still like become a member then lets roll.

I would also need volunteers for hierarchy

President / Team Lead
Event coordinators
This does not necessarily need to be you, this could be your significant other

Funds would be placed in a joint account with ATM access given to the most responsible and most reliable racers.

Team contact sheets would be created for coordination of events

These are my thoughts so far what do you think?

BTW: $240 I am thinking Income tax return, $40 a week for 6 weeks, however you choose to save it, the money would not be due until the week before the first race.
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